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Bro. Peng Hoe’s testimony

Dear all, sharing my testimony in hopes that you will be encouraged if you are waiting for God to answer you.

I have been worried about the retrenchment exercise that is taking place in my work place and was considering taking things into my own hands. From thoughts of “playing” with Toto to “investing” in shares, I tried to ask God to affirm my ways during my prayer time.

I was getting mixed signals. At times I felt it was ok to go ahead. And at other times I got impressions which I didn’t like, “you may stray & have to pay for the consequences”. I rejected them as not from God.

BUT on Sunday, God answered me loud & clear. When the sermon started, I knew it was God using His servant to reply me! Integrity; taught right, start right, DO RIGHT, end right, finish right! God answered my questions with examples; David, Absalom, Saul. There was such gentleness in the way He corrected me. The details were so clear and with great love.

As I responded to God, somehow my tears just kept flowing, for so long I haven’t had this experience. The restorative love of God flowed.

I just want to thank God for answering my prayers and loving me. Praise God.

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