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Outreach Ministry

Bethel Missions Ministry is the outreach ministry of the church. We endeavour to carry out the Great Commission to reach out and disciple people of all ethnic groups both locally and globally. The ministry comprises of Missions and Evangelism.

I. Missions

    A. Introduction

      Bethel Assembly of God Church was born out of a missionary call, which the Lord had placed upon the hearts of an American missionary couple, Reverend and Sister Seaward in 1955. They “wanted the Church to be a missions–centred church mothering other churches in Singapore and Malaya” (Fred Seaward, in A Generation of Faithfulness, 1997, p.5). This vision sparked off several missions endeavours in Bethel. Missionary Faith Pledge was introduced to support pioneering pastors and Bible School students, sending members for Bible School training and setting up “The Berean (Bible) Training School”. The boundary of Bethel’s missions programme expanded when it started Evangel and Moriah Assemblies in the early 70s and Berean Assembly in the late 70s. 

      Through her active financial contributions towards Missions, Bethel was better known among the Assemblies of God Churches both in Singapore and Malaysia as a “giving church.” A turn of events came in the early 80’s when Dr Colton Wickramaratne prophesied over the Church during a Sunday Worship Service where he saw many people were being sent out from Bethel to different parts of the world. Bethel has since 1981, sent several missionaries and planted churches in Malaysia, Philippines and Japan, as well as other involvement in India, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand and China.

      Bethel Missions philosophy and goals were prayerfully formulated to support our vision in reaching the lost, meet the continuing challenges and to expand the boundary of our missions programme and members’ active participation in Missions.

    B. Missions Philosophy

      Bethel Missions Ministry is committed to carry out the Great Commission in reaching and discipling people of all ethnic groups both locally and gobally.

    • Great Commission. In continuation of the Lord Jesus Christ’s ministry, Bethel is committed to obey His command to “go” as written in Matthew 28:19–20; Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8.
    • Reaching. This indicates an ever increasing need for Bethel’s members to extend themselves beyond the four walls of the church.
    • Discipling. This reinforces the importance of converting a person through modelling and teaching, leading to baptism and then developing them into ministers for the Lord Jesus Christ.
    • All Ethnic Groups. This refers to people of all tribes, races and languages whom the Lord has laid upon the hearts of the Church leadership to reach and disciple.
    • Locally. This defines the border of our missions involvement within Singapore.
    • Globally. This refers to cities and nations beyond Singapore, which the Lord will lead Bethel to reach and disciple.

    C. Goals

      Bethel Missions Ministry Goals are:

    • Recruiting candidates for missions training and ministry involvement both locally and globally.
    • Educating members through exposure and participation in worship, cell group meeting, visitation, evangelism, teaching and/or preaching.
    • Associating with mission personnel, agencies, churches and organisations of like–mindedness to enhance the facilitation of missions.
    • Planting of churches and training bases both locally and globally.

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