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Wendy’s Story

My life was one of many secrets, tales I never dared share with anyone, at least until now.

I was given away for adoption as a child, physically abused and was frequently beaten by my adoptive mother.

When I started work, I was sexually abused, molested by my co-workers.

Hurting words, especially from Christians, drew me away from God and people. I became withdrawn, like a turtle in its shell. There was a fear in me that people would ask me to leave if I was a burden, that I was accepted only if I was of value or be able to contribute financially.

I was unable to deal with or cope with the many trials life threw at me, and
many times, before and even after I was a Christian, I attempted suicide. It was hard for me to value life as the people around me didn’t seem to value me.

During the Cleansing Stream retreat, as we repented, renounced and broke the influence of hurt, condemnation of self and others, I felt a breakthrough in my life! Forgiveness broke through the barriers that had been built up around me.

But that was just the tip of the ice-berg.

I shocked myself by being extremely truthful with the Anointer ministering to me during the sexual abuse/molest segment. The secrets I kept for all these years, were strike off one by one. As she prayed for, wept with and hugged me, I sensed her sincerity and felt not only God’s love but a mother’s love too.

I desired to receive the complete love of a parent, and so I asked Ps Chris if I could have a father’s hug. He hugged me like a father and prayed a prayer of affirmation over me. Joy filled my soul.

Today, I know I am liberated! I have been set free from my fear of man and my past!! By the power of my testimony and by the blood of the Lamb, I triumph with Christ!

To God be All Glory & Praise. Amen!


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