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Testimonies from Youth Conference 2012:

  1. Just want to thank God for this awesome and powerful presence of God that touched many of our hearts during the Youth Conference on Friday night. Continue to pray strong as there is a breakthrough in our destiny.
    Jesslynn Ng
  2. I thank God for reaffirming me and speaking to me throughout the conference, that the past is the past. It’s about the future.
  3. God has reminded me how precious I am in his eyes that he has much more in store for me.
  4. I thank God for being so real throughout the conference and touching me greatly at every altar calls. Also for being able to forgive those who have hurt me in the past and put down the pain and regret and live my life for God.
  5. I thank God for doing an inner personal spiritual surgery in my heart, God has great plans for Velocity and I am glad to be a part of it. Thank God for his grace and awesome presence that is always with us. Great things are yet to come!
    Shawn Lee
  6. Thank God for loving me, for not forsaking me. Thank you for sending me a lady from the team during the youth conference to pray for me. For letting me know that I am disappointed in you and that I should open up my heart to you.
    Amanda Choo
  7. I thank God for revealing himself to me and reassuring me that He has, is and always will be with me wherever I go. I thank him for accepting me as his daughter and his blessings and love he has given.
  8. I want to thank God for his great love and his touch was really amazing! After the whole conference, God has told me that I am not alone and he is always by my side.
    Clarissa Lim
  9. Thank God for allowing me to experience his power and presence that was so real. For the anointing and fresh touch and reigniting the fire within me. Most importantly, for bringing me, back to the basics, about his love, for giving me a new revelation about his great unconditional love that has no strings attached. God reminded me of his love for me and my identity in Christ. Praise God for all he has done and all he is going to do!
  10. God really moved and touched me on Friday night. I want to thank him for assuring me of his love and plans for me. He taught me how to hunger and desire him more and more and how to give my aspirations and dreams to him. I felt reborn after the service and renewed. I thank God for his love and faithfulness.
    Julia Teo
  11. I want to thank God for being so real and awesome once again. I learnt that when we hunger and thirst for God he will pour out his spirit and breakthroughs will happen in our lives. Thank you God for giving me an even greater desperation and passion for you!
  12. I want to thank God for comforting me by letting me that he loves me for no matter what I have done. “Loving God is letting him love me”, that’s the biggest lesson I learnt during the youth conference.
    Bryan Tan
  13. I want to thank God for moving so mightily during the youth conference, touching and changing lives. I also want to thank God for reminding me of his love for me, enabling me to release my past hurts that have been haunting me. God is good!
  14. I want to thank God for his grace and his powerful Holy Spirit. He has touched me and given me some visions. I know I will change and never be the same again. One vision was that the youth were all in a large place with many people worshipping God who was before them.
  15. I want to thank God for Thursday’s and Friday’s youth conference because God has moved me so much especially on Friday night, he taught me, he impacted me, he made me see, what he is doing for me. That he has blessed me with so much more than I have ever known. He has taught me to trust in him for he will never fail. And I want to thank God for drawing me close to him. Thank you Jesus for making a big change in my life on Friday night and I want to thank God for all that I have and all that I am.

Sherry’s Testimony

“God’s presence is so amazingly real and He deserves all praise, worship and glory.

As I was worshipping God on 26 August in Youth service, He gave me a vision. I saw the word ‘Velocity’ and it was made out of stone. Told by God, it represents how strong Velocity will be and that Velocity will be like a fortified city. God will make Velocity strong, to stand firm against any adversaries.

Following this, God told me that Velocity is His very chosen people; all of us are His chosen people. Just like how He chose the Israelites, He chose us. And I felt God’s immense love for all of us, so deep so secure, and no words can describe and define the weight of His love. It shows how precious and significant we are to Him. He need not choose us, but He did. This all the more magnifies the love He has over His people. I believe God’s not going to stop to pour out His furious love on us. God will bring us to the promise land, just as He promised.

Whether we believe it or not, God always keeps His promises and He will see them through. Faith pleases God; so let us keep our faith alive and believe in what is God going to do in our midst and more! Be expecting and let us continue to live a life of surrender and worship unto our loving heavenly Father.

Be blessed with His love!:)”

Regina’s Testimony

I am so thankful to God for this trip to Yunnan, China. It was a trip where I experienced God working through my life in areas that I was incapable of.

One of the biggest breakthroughs was being able to pray in Chinese. As far as I can remember I have only prayed in Chinese once, and was very worried about how I would be able to minister to people with this language barrier. During a night service where many youths had come up for prayer, I stepped forward by faith and began to pray for them. I was so amazed that as I opened up my mouth, I was able to pray so fluently without stopping or thinking of what to say!

Another thing that I am very thankful to God for is the generosity of the local people. Though they do not have much, they always invited us to their house and offered us a lot of food. Throughout this trip, we also experienced God’s hand of protection and provision in so many ways. I am so blessed by God and the beautiful people in Yunnan.

Sometimes, it is stepping out of our comfort zone, into the unknown and unfamiliar where we get to encounter God in a very powerful way and see how God can use us. I would like to encourage all to set aside time to step out into the missions field for a Powerful Encounter!

Debbie Chua’s Testimony

My friend initially wasn’t on the oikos list. But God just told me to invite him. So when I first invited the whole class, no one could make it except him. I was a little surprise that he was still willing to go despite being alone. But God is good, two of my other friends decided to join us just before the Youth Rally around 5pm. And when Jon Pritikin asked for them to go to the front if they want to know and receive Christ, he went and said yes. Thank God!

Benji’s Testimony

Really wanna thank God for my friend Tharma who just accepted Christ into his life. It was really God’s plan for him to receive Christ on that day. Actually I do not know him well at all. I met him during the community visit in church and I was the host showing him around the church. We kept in contact and as the Spirit led, I invited him to come for the AG Youth Rally. All Glory to God. God works in amazing ways.

Jerilene’s Testimony

I wanna thank God that Ryan came for the AG youth rally and responded to the altar call and accepted Christ as His Lord and Saviour. My other friend and I have been ‘targeting’ and praying for our group of close friends for quite some time. Since God has placed us in this close-knitted group, we have decided to seize the opportunity to share with them about God whenever we can. Thank God Ryan made that decision.

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