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Sherry’s Story

Before accepting Christ, I felt empty. It was as if my life was a routine and that I was just doing to pass time.  I didn’t really know the true meaning of life. I felt as if there was just something missing. I tend to feel down frequently as little matters tend to upset me and I was unable to control my temper. I got angry over the slightest matter. I didn’t exactly know what I was doing with my life. I felt like my life was meaningless, and that I needed a purpose in my life. Despite having many friends around me and giving me moral support, I just felt so empty and lonely.

I was initially supposed to go for the camp to look after the children from Bethel Student Care (where I work at), but I ended up going as a camper. During the camp’s night services, I got to know more about Jesus Christ and everything that He has done for me. I was touched. I’ve never realized how much He had done for us and the great extent of His unconditional love for all of us. Initially, I was only half-convinced that he is really the true God. But as time passed and when other Christians talked to me about Him, I got to know and trust Him more. It was until I got the opportunity to test if He really is the true God and that He really exists. On the 3rd day, it rained suddenly and a commander encouraged me to pray that this heavy downpour would stop. So I prayed that the rain would stop so that the activities may resume. After I ended my prayer, the rain became heavier for a few seconds and started to stop. I was almost ready to accept Christ. I was convinced that He exists. The only thing that was stopping me from accepting him immediately was that I thought it was too sudden. So during the service that night, another commander talked to me. She asked me if I wanted to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior. I couldn’t answer at that moment but I nodded at last. I thought maybe I need to think it over but realized that I should just accept him as my Savior.


After accepting Christ, I felt so much lighter. I was not heavy-hearted anymore. I was a whole new person. I started leading my life differently, looking at matters from a different perspective. I started to pray with sincerity. I finally believe in the God whom I am praying to. The feeling of accepting Him as my Savior is certainly one I’ve never experienced before. I know that He will accept me for who I am and be there for me, whether at my lowest point or at times of joy in my life. I feel very blessed to receive such love from God. I’ve become more positive and learnt how to care for others even more, be it strangers or close ones around me. I’m glad that I attended this camp and became a child of God. I am proud to be a child of God.

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