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Ps Chia Beng Hock’s Testimony

God Revived a Dead Infant
Ps Chia Beng Hock

On 2nd Mar 1982 6am, May and I were awakened by the cry of our 3-month old Mervin. We took turns rocking him in our arms, patting him and pacifying him to sleep. When he was on May’s shoulder, he stopped crying. I stood forward to take over – I was shocked when I saw Mervin was blue and lifeless!

We tried resuscitating him. May held on to his two tiny feet as his body dangled lifelessly. I spanked his back hoping to dislodge any foreign body in his airway. After some attempts, I felt helpless – he was dead!

May began crying as the ugly scene of a child’s funeral flashed in her mind. I got on my knees and wept. I did not know how to pray at that moment as I cried, “Lord, please revive him!” While my head bowed and eyes still closed, my left hand moved toward Mervin’s cheeks and gaged his mouth. Suddenly, I heard air rushing into his mouth and I opened my eyes and saw him turning from blue to pale and he began crying again. The Lord revived him!

Mervin’s facial colour turned from pale to normal pink; cold perspiration was felt and no circum-oral cynanosis. We contacted our family paediatrician and rushed to meet him in the hospital. The doctor examined and assured us that Mervin was physically normal but he cautioned us that he could be “vegetable” if he had been blue for more than 30 seconds. Will he be a vegetable?

We thank the Lord that Mervin progressed from primary and secondary education, served in National Service, eventually graduated with a Bachelor In Theology and serving God. He is a living miracle – All glory to our Lord!

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