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Peter Toh’s Story

I would like to share with you two recent unforgettable events, which prove the grace and mercy of God in our lives. The first was on 31 July 2011, an SAF Warrant Officer called to inform me that my son, Percy, who is an NS man, was injured in a grenade launcher live-firing exercise. Apart from saying that they were sending him to the nearest army medical centre and that he was hit by shrapnel, they could not tell me the extent of his injury.

When I enquired, via SMS, whether my son’s condition was life-threatening, he did not respond for an agonising 15 minutes. When he finally replied, it was just to say that my son was being transferred from the army medical centre to NUH. If I needed to know more, I had to go to NUH.

Even though I did not verbally express it, this incident caused me a lot of stress, especially when we were left guessing how serious the injury was. The Warrant Officer’s words kept echoing in my mind – live-firing, grenade launcher, explosion, shrapnel in his body and hand…

The other unforgettable event came a few days later on 11 August 2011. I was attending a conference when suddenly, at about 2.30pm, I felt numbness on the left side of my face and hand. I paid no further attention to it as the numbness faded after a while. However, a few minutes later, I felt more intense numbness. By 3.30pm my co-workers brought me to the A&E at SGH, where the emergency staff carried out tests.


By 5.30pm, I experienced three more episodes of attack, each more intense than the previous. I was immobilised on my left side and my speech was slurring. The MRI brain scan showed a few blood clots. From a normal functioning person just a few hours earlier, I became a stroke patient, partially paralysed on the side, with a feeding tube sticking out of my nose.


Lying helplessly on the hospital bed where I would stay for the next 30 days, many thoughts came – Will I die? Will I be bedridden? How are my wife and children going to cope without me? I felt depressed for the first 2 days, not wanting to see any visitors.


Yet the visitors came anyway! Many Bethel pastors, staff members and friends came. They prayed for me and some even massaged me. They encouraged me by saying that the church has been continuously interceding for me. Some gave financially. The Royal Rangers even collected a love-offering. What an outpouring of love and concern.


Although the doctor has advised that recovery for stroke patients can take up to a year, but by God’s grace, within a week, I regained strength after starting physiotherapy.


I want to thank the church pastors and everyone who has encouraged me. You played a part in strengthening my faith in the healing power of our Lord Jesus! Today, less than four months after the stroke, I have returned to work. I have also started brisk walking and cycling! With your continued prayers, I am confident of full recovery soon. I want to give glory to God.


As for my son Percy, I also want to thank God that the shrapnel injury on his chest, hand & face did not penetrate into his vital organs. He is now running the 42 km marathon! He is fit as a fiddle. Truly, it must be God’s protection as he was only two feet away from the explosion! All glory to Jesus. AMEN!


~Peter Toh

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