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Julie’s Story

I want to thank God for His blessings & divine protection upon my son Amos. I want to thank my pastors, church leaders and friends for their care and support during our recent crisis. On October 24, Monday evening after school, Pastor Alan called to inform me that Amos was hit by a lorry. Bro Jeff Long, who is also a teacher at Amos’s school, had informed Pastor Alan.


Amos was in A&E when I reached KK hospital. Blood was all over his mouth and his face was badly swollen. His CT scan showed a crack in his skull and his brain was bleeding. That night, the church was activated via SMS to pray for Amos. I was too broken, hurt and angry to pray. Four needles were inserted into him for injection, medication and other procedures. The nurses had to tie up all his limbs to restrain him in the ICU.


The school teacher, principal, Pastor Alan and Royal Rangers commanders were there at the hospital that night. Other than consoling us, they also comforted my new maid who was with Amos during the accident. My husband, Jason, took her to a Burmese speaking lady, to reassure her that it was an accident. However, in my heart, I was angry with her. I felt so hypocritical. I was critical, negative and confused. I just could not pray.


Meanwhile God performed a miracle. A second scan on the next day showed no sign of bleeding. The needles were reduced to one. He was transferred to high dependency ward. Amos wanted to pray and ask God to remove the last needle. I still could not pray but Amos insisted, so I prayed along with him. He began to eat well.


That night, I finally prayed and God reminded me of my belief in praying. He also reminded me that Amos could have suffered the same fate as the 2-year-old girl who died in the recent road accident in China. The lorry driver said she did not see Amos at all. She could have driven on but I felt God had intervened and she was prompted to stop and check. With these reminders, I felt my spirit lifted and all my pains and hurts seemed to disappear immediately.


On the third day after the accident, Amos continued to recover quite miraculously. However, he seemed slow in his motor skills; he was unable to hold things or stand on his own. I started to pray and again I was filled with joy and peace. I went home in the late afternoon and I could smile and talk to my maid again. Five days after the accident, Amos could walk by himself and was discharged from the hospital. Today, Amos’s speech and fine motor skills are functioning normally. He is as chatty as he used to be. Praise God for such wonders.


I have learned to trust in the Lord in a new and deeper way. I experienced God being my refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble. Even before I ask, He provides. He provided me with a caring church. When I could not pray, the church prayed for us. God understands my weaknesses and patiently corrected me. I was angry with my maid and myself, but he showed me that anger does not help; only self-control does. When I was desperate, he reminded me to pray because I believe prayers work. God indeed loves us very much!


~Julie Chang

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