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Cherie Chua’s Story

Year 3 of medical school was definitely one of the most challenging years of my life. Rotating through 5 core clinical postings in various hospitals, the dark side of my academic year was largely made up of a huge amount of independent learning, long working hours, frequent assessments and final exam of paramount importance. But I’m so thankful for I never stopped experiencing God’s grace and favour.

During the difficult times, there were moments when I felt I was treading on thin ice, on the brink of falling. But even while I was mentally and spiritually exhausted, God strengthened the ground beneath my feet so that I could continue to walk every step in steadiness. He is so gracious indeed! I was blessed by the people He placed in my path- in both my personal and work lives, the opportunities He blessed me with to learn and to shine, and the strength He gives me to persevere even when I did not know it.

In the period leading up to my final exam, I remember things turning into a mess. There were both family and personal issues, and God shook and broke me inside. My revision was affected, but at that time, I could only make the best out of my situation. I remember walking out of the exam hall each time not feeling good. I knew that it was a time of moulding. Now, I am so encouraged to share that I have been awarded Dean’s List for my third academic year. It is truly such a sweet gift of reminder to me: during my brokenness, God showed me that I am nothing without Him; now, He shows me that with Him nothing in impossible. What a precious lesson!

And with that I’d like to say that from the bottom of my heart- To God Be All Glory.

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