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Royal Rangers

Royal Rangers

The Royal Rangers program provides an effective means of discipling young people by utilizing direct personal relationships between godly adults and children, developed around a core of shared interests and experiences. Activity-based ministries are essential to the spiritual development of young people.

In order for the church to fulfill its mission to make disciples of all nations, it’s essential that our young people be mentored by the church’s community of godly men & women through an intentional process of growth and discipleship. Royal Rangers provides an excellent tool for engaging the adults and young people of the church and community in the ongoing process of building Christlike person.” (adapted from the online article “The Value of Royal Rangers“)

Royal Rangers is a church-based mentoring ministry for future men & women. Since its inception in 1962, millions of young people in the United States and around the world have been guided through the ministry. Today, they are successful businessmen, public servants, pastors, church leaders, missionaries, etc.

Royal Rangers in Singapore at Bethel (Outpost #1) started in 1977. Our regular outpost meetings is on Saturdays from 3 to 5pm. Experienced adult leaders provide needed guidance, discipline, and structure, using methods like Friendship, Fun Activities, Advancement System, Uniforms, Patrol System, and Service & Ministry Outreach.

There are 4 age-groups to cater to the different needs of young people, namely, Ranger Kids – Ages 5 to 7, Discovery Rangers – Ages 8 to 10, Adventure Rangers – Ages 11 to 14, and Expedition Rangers – Ages 15 to 18.

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