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Celebration Ministry

The Celebration Ministry wants to make coming to Bethel a great experience for everyone from the warm handshake and friendly greetings to the vibrant, energetic and Spirit-filled services in the sanctuary, and the hot cup of cappuccino at the visitors’ corner. It is filled with life, warmth, love, faith, hope, colour, creativity, energy, inspiration and vibrancy. People will be glad when they say, “Let us go into the house of the Lord”.

“Make coming to Bethel a great experience” – this is the vision the Celebration Ministry embraces every week as we serve God and the church.

The celebration ministry is organised into four wings, namely, Service, Creative, Technical and Production.

Service Wing Creative Wing Technical Wing Production Wing
Altar Ministry Band Sound (Audio Resources Team, Sound Crews) News Production
Support Team (Ushers, Medics, Special Support Team, Shuttle Service Team) Vocals Visual Ministry (Projection Team, Lightings Crews, Video Crews) Graphic Designs (Graphic Designers, Photographers)
Enforcement Team (Security, Traffic Control Team) Creative Arts Dance   Photography Team
Hospitality Team      

Serving Opportunities

If you are interested to serve in one of the departments, please approach your cell leaders.

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