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To fulfil our Vision and Mission, the Church is supported by four Key Ministries (COPE).

COPE – a picture of service

According to the Oxford dictionary, the word ‘cope’ has various meanings, two of which are of great significance. The first meaning is “to deal successfully with something difficult”. The second meaning of ‘cope’ denotes a vest worn by clergy and lay ministers in traditional Churches on important occasions. In addition, Cope is also worn during graduation ceremony upon the conferment of degrees. The two meanings paint a beautiful picture of one being equipped for service – through the outfit which represents readiness and the attitude in the face of adversity. Bearing this in mind, our key ministries have taken on the acronym COPE, which stands for Community, Outreach, Pastoral and Empowerment. These four key ministries support the Church in fulfilling her Mission – to mentor and disciple believers to be Christ-centered and effective witnesses of God, to nurture generations for leadership thereby empowering them to fulfill their destiny and to be a relevant and contemporary community for Singapore and beyond, as well as capturing her Vision that everyone in Bethel has the potential to serve.


Bethel Community Services (BCS) is the social service arm of the church. Our Vision is to be a vibrant change agent and a visible expression of Christ’s love, care and compassion to the community in Singapore through meeting the needs of the people. Our Mission is to reach out and empower the community through holistic community–based services and programs to maximize the God-given potential of each individual. Read more…


Bethel Missions Ministry is the outreach ministry of the church. We endeavor to carry out the Great Commission to reach out and disciple people of all ethnic groups both locally and overseas. Read more…


The pastoral ministry of the church has diverse expressions that aim to reach, nurture and develop believers to be Christ-centered, responsible leaders and effective witnesses of God. Read more…


The empowerment ministry of the church in the form of the Christian Education and Training ministry (CET) aims to equip, edify and educate believers to grow in knowledge, spiritual maturity and competence in serving as well as enabling them to fulfill their destiny. Read more…

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